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Seidokan is a traditional Okinawan fighting art that includes: the kicking, punching, and blocking techniques of Karate; the throwing and joint-locking techniques of Aiki-Jujutsu (Toide); and the traditional weaponry of Okinawa (Kobudo).

At Florida Seidokan Dojo, our main focus is kata and kata bunkai (analysis and disassembly of kata for personal self-defense applications). It is an art well suited for men and women who have a desire to learn and preserve a tradition, approach self defense from a martial science perspective, and increase self-confidence, concentration and coordination.

It is the instructor's responsibility to ensure that when students branch out into society, they maintain an understanding of martial arts, its philosophies and the value of practicing their knowledge in everyday life.

All of Seidokan Karate's instructors are committed to providing students with quality martial art training and disciplinary education in an atmosphere that preserves human values and individual identities.

The instructors will provide martial arts training as well as an appreciation for the traditional forms and ideologies, while keeping pace with modern martial art.