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Sensei Paul Sadwick began his martial arts journey over 45 years ago in Seidokan Karate under Sensei John Kennedy, head instructor/owner at Toma Karate Dojo in upstate NY. After a job transfer to the midwest, Sensei Paul started training in Tang Soo Do under Grandmaster Howard Long. Starting with instructing a children’s class, he expanded instruction to both youth and adult students. Upon returning to Florida, he continued Tang Soo Do training with Master Michael Baird.

Sensei Paul desired to return to his roots in Seidokan Karate and started training with Sensei’s Frank Delattre and Donnie Hayhurst. Sensei Paul is a member of the RyuKoKu Seidokan Karate Kobudo Remnei in Okinawa and Florida Seidokan Dojo is certified by the RSKKR.

If you have any questions about Florida Seidokan Dojo or would like more information about our classes, feel free to contact Sensei Paul at: